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An entry to Sylvie's Jam. Based on Sylvie's game "Cute Jump", which itself was based on Maddy Thorson's game "Jumper", except now it's based on Maddy Thorson's game "Jumper 2", while also being inspired by Sylvie's game "Hot Summer Sylvie". This game is an important addition to the catalogue of those who play "games".

In this video game you ride a boat and visit an island and purchase things from the store and avoid the jellyfish what appears should you linger in one room. While the game does have a focus on boating a lot of it is mostly jump-up-and-fall-down action, which presents you the opportunity to decide whether this is against the spirit of the Jam of Sylvie .

This game is designed in an "annoying" manner and will be haunted with 500 demons each of whom will present you an increasingly nefarious and tricky riddle. The only way is to beat the game which will save the world. Are you up to the task??

Contains mildly existentialist dialogue. Some jankiness may also result in sprites rapidly flickering position (if you enter a boat while standing right next to bouncy tiles), or two adjacent rooms rapidly flickering on the screen (if you move into the "seam" of walls vertically connecting two rooms).

This game recycles code/assets/engine/editor/everything from a larger work-in-progress Jumper fan game by me of which more information will become available eventually.

Made with LÖVE. Love without the umlaut not guaranteed.

Features shop music by Jake Loranger.

If for some reason you want to listen to a soundtrack of all the music in this game, first of all why, and secondly here you go.

There was a bug where the default levelset was not actually in the game and you couldn't do anything after selecting "Play" but I fixed that yay.

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Published 12 days ago
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Tagsarrow-keys, boat, english, jumper, kittenboat, kittey, letters, ogmo, platforming, video-game

Install instructions

The .exe in the .zip should work on 64-bit Windows 10 at least. If it doesn't work try installing LÖVE and opening the .love with love.exe.


Cute Jump 2 Sequel 2.zip 7 MB
Cute Jump 2 Sequel 2.love 3 MB

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I really enjoyed this game! The platforming is fun (except for some of the boat sections but that's the part of the theme), the SFX and music are all great, the dialogue is hilarious and the game follows the theme perfectly! 

Also sort of spoilery question (tried to make it as non spoilery as possible): Is there only 1 ending for this  game, or did I miss something?

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yeah there's only 1 ending. part of the theme is "The goal is only to get money and buy expensive items" so i made it so the "main" gameplay loop has no real ending

thank you for not only 1. playing the game but 2. enjoying it